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St Paul’s Culture

Welcome to St Paul’s

What does “Episcopalian, Anglican, Catholic, Christian” mean?

Ten Reasons to Come to St Paul’s Parish, Riverside

A Pre-Constantinian Church for a Post-Christian Age

Is St Paul’s liberal or conservative?

Tension, controversy, and divisiveness in “the larger church”

What is St Paul’s relationship with “the larger church”?

Who makes liturgical decisions?

Homily: “Wheat and Tares”

Guidelines for Effective Communication

Reflection on Catholic parish culture

On the balance of thinking and feeling at St Paul’s

St Paul’s Parish and Catholic Culture

The Real Differences

The Bishop’s Expectations

On Politics, Prayer Book, and Blessed Mary

The 2015 Parish Canvass: Questions and Answers

Charles Blair on what St Paul’s means to him

Why does St Paul’s do __?

Anglican History

Henry VIII and the Anglican Church

Anglicanism: Catholic or Protestant?

Blessed Virgin Mary

The Anglican-Roman Catholic Agreed Statement on the Blessed Virgin Mary

What does “Blessed Mary Ever-Virgin” mean?

Church: Catholic Doctrine

Catholic Doctrine of the Church

The Roman Catholic Church has issued documents about the “one true Church.” What is Anglicanism’s position on this?

Church: Canons and Customs

Requirements Prescribed by Canon Law for Membership in the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Chicago

Why are we so rigid about every-week attendance?

The Papacy and Other Catholic Traditions

Anglicanism and the Bishop of Rome (the Pope)

The Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic Agreement

Anglican Theological and Spiritual Traditions

What Does “Regula” Mean?

Anglicanism and St Benedict

What does “Catholic Anglicanism” mean?

What is the Office?

Historic Traditions and Ecclesial Typology

Parish Family and Parish Community

Homily: “God’s Grace”

Christian Faith and Life

Sacrifice and Blessing

Commonly Misunderstood Christian Terms

The theology of Dr Joseph Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedict XVI

What is Lectio Divina?

What is the Rosary?

What are relics, and where did St Paul’s collection come from?

What is the place of the Thirty-Nine Articles in Anglicanism now?

Sacramental Theology

What makes a Sacrament valid?

What does “ontological change” mean?


Sacraments: Holy Orders

Holy Orders and Anglican Church Offices

Bishops and the Apostolic Succession

What is Apostolic Succession?

On women priests and bishops in The Episcopal Church


Sacraments: Eucharist

Anglicanism and Transubstantiation

Anglican-Roman Catholic Agreed Statement on the Eucharist

What does anamnesis mean?

Homily: “The Body of Christ”

Homily: “This is the Lamb of God”

Why Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament at Corpus Christi?


Baptism and Confirmation

The ages for the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation

Sacraments: Reconciliation

What is the Sacrament of Reconciliation?

Liturgies of the Sacrament of Reconciliation


Sacraments: Matrimony

The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony

The Triune God

The Holy Trinity

First Four General Councils and the Development of the Dogma of the Incarnation

The Meaning of Crucifixion

Homily: “With Angels and Archangels”


What is Christian salvation?

Where in the Bible is the doctrine of the “Church Expectant” (Paradise, Intermediate State)?

Liturgy: Liturgical Theology

St Benedict and Anglican Worship

Liturgy at St Paul’s

Why gather on Sundays and major Holy Days?

What is a homily for?

What makes up a Eucharistic Prayer given all the differences?

What is a “tester” and why do we have one at St Paul’s?

What do we mean by “sacred space”?

Liturgy: Practices and Customs

Western Rite Liturgical Customs

Differences between Rite I and Rite II  Eucharists

Why do we use incense during every sung Mass?

Funerals and the Episcopal Church

Why use The Anglican Service Book for Rite I?

Why no choir and clergy procession and recession?

Sacred Scripture

What is the place of the Bible in Anglicanism?

Homily: “…where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them”

Christian Life

St Paul’s Parish Rule of Life

Moving from being consumers of resources to Stewards of God’s Gifts

Sexuality and the Episcopal Church