Continual Growth

The Early Christian Church, Anglicanism, and Eastern Orthodoxy emphasize that the Christian Life is a life-long journey of continual growth, of becoming one with God the Father, through God the Son, by means of the power of God the Holy Spirit. The end of this journey is “entering Heaven,” being united fully (Theosis) with the Triune God for eternity. For this reason continual growth is a theological imperative at St Paul’s, however, as in the Anglican tradition, all persons are encouraged to grow not only in the way God is calling them but also at their own individual pace.

An indispensable means of growing in the Christian Life is to fulfill the unique ministry to which God calls each person, lay as well as ordained. This vocation is given at Baptism, and for it God empowers each person by the Sacrament of Confirmation administered by a Bishop in the Apostolic Succession, often called “the ordination to lay ministry.”

St Paul’s offers a wide range of opportunities for Christian formation and preparation for ministry, including:

  • Our weekly ‘Sunday Bible Study’ discussion group
  • Our 5-semester Adult Theology Class
  • Our monthly “Anglican Spirituality” formation course
  • Our monthly ‘St Benedict for Today’ prayer/discussion group
  • Our monthly ‘Marian Study’ prayer/discussion group

St Paul’s also has an excellent Parish Library and a parish “Rule of Life,” an outline which all religious orders and many lay organizations have of their own particular style and method for spiritual growth.

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