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Housing Helpers, Inc.
Housing Helpers is a nonprofit agency of the St Paul’s Community Services Corporation. Housing Helpers began in 1990 with a goal of providing affordable housing to low income buyers by acquiring distressed properties, rehabilitating them and offering them for sale at affordable prices. Housing Helpers has rehabilitated and sold several houses in Maywood and Bellwood.

Services include:
  • Low Income Home Sales is Housing Helpers’ primary mission. The agency purchases houses that are reasonably priced, have possibilities through remodeling and need remodeling that the agency can handle but is not so easy that an individual buyer could handle both the purchase and remodeling of the property. Many of the properties purchased were identified through HUD.
  • Housing Counseling for low-income home buyers both before and after purchasing a house and when they are in danger of foreclosure.
  • The Town Crier of Housing is Housing Helpers’ newsletter with information about the agency and area housing concerns.

  • Housing Helpers Staff
    Vera Fina
    Executive Director

    Supporting Congregations and Organizations
  • Chicago Community Loan Fund
  • St Paul’s Parish
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  • First United Church of Oak Park
  • St Paul’s Foundation
  • Sisters of St Joseph of LaGrange

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