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“The Real Differences”

FatherFraserFather Fraser’s newly penned data sheet has been added to the Catholic Anglican FAQ page. It examines what he calls the “real differences” between Saint Paul’s, Riverside and typical suburban parishes. It begins:

We have talked since the early 1980’s about the differences between St Paul’s and conventional suburban Episcopal parishes.  We have explored their ramifications and tried to find effective, succinct, and accessible ways of describing these differences that could be generally understood. We have used terms such as:

“religious community” (rather than program-driven parish) paradigm, which means programs focused on formation for worship and ministry (rather than driven by whatever would seem to attract new members/pledgers)

“Benedictine spirituality” (rather than a vague “bridge church” least common denominator spirituality) which includes stability of community life with long-term relationships (rather than “revolving door” parish membership) and God-centered conversatio morum [“conversion of life”] (rather than individual-centered “give the lady what she wants”)

“authentic historic Anglicanism” (rather than insubstantial, directionless “diversity and inclusivity”)

“countercultural” (rather than American WASP popular culture)

Read the whole piece here.

On the Feast of Pentecost

By Father James Biegler on 27 May 2012 (Year B).